About the Fair

About the Fair

International Fuel Fair - Stacja i Biznes Przyszłości is an event which goes far beyond the industry event in the fuel sector. It is primarily intended for the owners of filling stations, however, it still pursues business objectives of the remaining participants of the fuel market. The Fair provides the representatives of the fuel industry with an opportunity to establish contacts, share opinions and become familiar with the latest products and solutions in the sector. The exhibition event is accompanied by free of charge industry-related training sessions, branch workshops, networking activities and a sports event - a football tournament. The main goal of the Fair is to support fuel companies in their business.


International Fuel Fair - Stacja i Biznes Przyszłości - Who are they aimed at?


Owners and managers of filling stations

Visitors from the target group will be enabled to become familiar with offers provided by the fuel producers and suppliers, the representatives of the car wash segment, and the equipment and technology suppliers. Apart from the exhibition offer, every year we are preparing training sessions regarding the development of competence of filling station staff, tax workshops related to the hazards of wholesale purchase of liquid fuels by the filling station. Since 2016-th edition there is a new highlight of the programme - Filling Station Market where potential buyers can meet sellers face-to-face in a separate networking area. There is possibiliti to discuss details of the offer and take a closer look at the documents important from the buyer’s perspective. Business discussions in the networking area are supported by a practical seminar such as “How to buy a filling station?”

showerOwners of carwash facilities and future investors from the carwash segment

All representatives of this group have a chance to become familiar with each and every aspect of car wash business. This is achieved by the participation in training sessions devoted to the car wash business, discussions with experts, and overview of innovative solutions. Visitors are invited to have a closer look at the solutions implemented in car wash facilities.

Wholesale fuel customers and consumers from various industries

This group of companies representing transport, construction, logistics and forwarding sector is invited due to high levels of fuel consumption. Training sessions related to the selection of best car fleet offer on the Polish market and connected to the building of company’s filling stations are organised especially for them. The participants have a chance to discuss the subject with experts and dispel any doubts on the topic with owners of filling stations. The overview of the most beneficial offers regarding the wholesale purchase of fuel is aimed at this group as well.

Fuel wholesalers

During Stacja i Biznes Przyszłości Fair representatives of companies operating in the fuel wholesale have an opportunity to establish long-lasting and friendly relationships with contracting parties. Establishing new contacts and strengthening the existing ones is possible thanks to the presentation of the offer in a friendly atmosphere, business discussions in the networking area and the integration of new entrants during the accompanying activities.

Advantages of being an Exhibitor

  Presentation of the latest products, services and offer in a new place

  Business discussions with purposefully selected visitors

  Acquisition of prospective contacts with the Fair visitors

  Strengthening the relations with the existing customers

  Participation in the prestigious business banquet with the selected partners

  Strengthening of the brand on the market

  Participation in industry contests and promotion of the company’s strategic products

  Possibility of making a professional presentation and demonstrations of novelty products

  New customer groups in every edition of the Fair