Visit the Fuel Fair in Wroclaw

Visit the Fuel Fair in Wroclaw

Our idea of the Fair is based on a new and unique event format, involving a wide range of business sectors. We are highly motivated and committed to proving ourselves as the host that each edition of the Fair should give for visitors and exhibitors new possibilities to make a good deal. Please arrange a few seconds to take a look for what we are going to organize this year.

Diversified programme

The Exhibitors’ offer will be supplemented by an interesting programme for visitors. The event will be accompanied by numerous attractions for visitors to our Fair.

Practical training sessions

Training sessions will be conducted, among others, by experts and analysts from Information Market S.A. and by external trainers specialising in the sector. Training sessions in the form of workshops will enable their participants to take active part in training and to analyse real life examples.

Business banquet  concluding the Fair

For many years we have been integrating people representing the sector by organising a grand banquet at the end of each event. It will provide an opportunity to get to know each other, to expand the network of contacts in the sector or to maintain existing relationships and to discuss in a relaxed atmosphere.

Petrochemical Industry Meeting – Polish Fuel Market

The meetings for the fuel industry organised by us have become a mandatory item in the calendar of each industry representative. The success achieved by several dozen sectoral conferences, organised by us each year since year 2004, evidences that this form of integration between people representing the industry enjoys enduring popularity.

Industry contests for Exhibitors

During the Fair several industry contests will be held. The best solutions, services and products will be selected by voting. The prestigious award represents an opportunity for Exhibitors to stand out against competition, concurrently promoting the solutions that meet the highest standards.