Privacy policy

This information service is owned by Information Market S.A. with the office in Wrocław 53-674, Legnicka Street 46A/10. Reading, browsing through or making use of information deriving from IM S.A. information service , newsletters, bulletins, you accept the principles included in the IM S.A. Privacy Policy.

IM S.A. websites enable registration related to the transfer of personal information needed to gain access to specific functions or services provided by electronic means.

IM Privacy Policy contains the following information:

  • Types of gathered information and their purpose
  • Ways of using information
  • Possibility of reviewing user’s personal data
  • Security of user’s personal information

IM S.A. reserves the right to introduce changes in IM S.A. Privacy Policy. Each person making use of the information services is obliged to comply with the existing provisions of the Privacy Policy. Nonetheless, the introduced changes do not influence the basic principle: IM S.A. does not sell and does not make available to third parties personal and address data of the customers / users of IM S.A. services. IM S.A. can make these data accessible to entities in accordance with law.

What information is collected by IM S.A.?

Information provided by the user

Whilst making use of IM S.A. services , you may encounter online forms where you may be asked to provide information on the company’s address and information about the preferred product. Additionally, you may be asked to share other personal data, in most cases, name, position, e-mail address or, in some cases, mobile telephone number (in the case of SMS services). We will also ask for your consent in terms of the processing of personal data and sending information by electronic means. Failure to specify these data will block the activity which these data concern, e.g. obtaining trial access to information services and receiving free of charge newsletters.

Automatically collected information

Whilst making use of IM S.A. services, data concerning user’s device, online activity and user’s personal preferences may be collected.

Information about cookie files

Whilst making use of IM S.A. services, you may encounter cookie files. These are small text files sent to user’s computer in order to capture his/her online activity. The cookie files may be used to with a view to improving personalization of websites, improving specific functions thereof, and keeping track of user’s online activity. Website users can change the settings of the browser and delete cookies, thereby blocking access to some of the websites’ functions.

How does IM S.A. use the information it collects?

All personal data entered in the registration form by the user and other personal information obtained by IM S.A. as a result of data verification are processed due to the consent of the user and in compliance with Polish law, particularly with The Act of 29 August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws of 2002, No 101, Item 926 with amendments) and with the Act of 18 July 2002 on Providing Services by Electronic Means (Journal of Laws of 2014 No 0 Item 1182 with amendments). Personal data are shared voluntarily by the users for the purpose of marketing of IM products and services and can be, with the user’s prior consent, used by co-operating parties.

What do we use your information for?

IM S.A. uses data gathered from registration forms placed on the websites for the following purposes:

  • providing information services by electronic means, IM S.A. personal information is processed to the extent necessary for the conclusion, implementation and termination of the legal relationship resulting from the contract signed by the user
  • preparing and setting up a personalized user account enabling trial access to the services provided by IM S.A.
  • sending newsletters regarding information services provided by IM S.A.
  • sending marketing information on the products and services offered by IM S.A. and products and services offered by selected outside companies insofar as the user’s preference and the law is not violated

Who is eligible to access data stored by IM S.A.?

The Controller of Personal Information is IIM S.A., with the office in Wrocław 53-674, Legnicka Street 46A/10. Users registered in IM S.A. database, who share their personal data voluntarily, have the right to access them. They may also verify, correct, change the settings of the services, and withdraw their consent to receiving specific services by contacting Controller of Personal Information by mail, by phone - +48 71 787 69 70/71. Personal information is gathered for the marketing purposes of products and services owned by IM S.A. and co-operating companies. Personal information is made available only to the legally entitled parties.

How to make use of free of charge newsletters provided by IM S.A.?

Free of charge newsletters which are based on the news service are sent on a regular basis to users who subscribed to the service.

Newsletter subscription

Users Subscription to the selected newsletter is a two-step process with the use of double opt-in method:

  1. It is obligatory to enter user’s email address in a specific form to be added to the mailing list. Importantly, user’s consent to personal data processing and receiving IM S.A. commercial information by electronic mail is required.
  2. Automatically generated message containing activation link is sent to user’s e-mail address. By clicking on the link, the user accepts the terms and conditions of the porta consents to personal data processing and receiving IM S.A. commercial information by electronic mail. Simultaneously, e-mail address entered in the form is activated on the mailing list of the selected newsletter. Unless the user activates e-mail address entered in the form by clicking on this (or by copying the activation link to the browser), the newsletter will not be sent.

Unsubscribing from the newsletter

Unsubscribing from the newsletter selected by the user may take place at any time. It is a two-step process analogous to activation of the service, based on double-opt-in method:

  1. The use is required to specify his /her e-mail address to be deleted from the mailing list.
  2. Automatically generated message containing deactivation link is sent to the email address specified in the form. Clicking on this link causes the email address to be deleted from the mailing list hence further subscription ceases. However, it has to be noted that opting out of the newsletter does not imply withdrawing your consent to personal data processing and receiving commercial communications from IM S.A. by electronic means. It is essential to contact Administrator of Personal Information in order to verify your account settings. Unless the subscriber clicks on the appropriate link in the email or copies the activation link to the browser, the email address will not be removed from the newsletter’s maling list thus the user will continue to receive further issues of the newsletter.

Unsolicited messages

IM S.A. reserves the right to send unsolicited messages to persons whose contact data were obtained through the operation conducted by the company. The above provision refers to information directly regarding Electronic Fuel Market (e.g. changes, internal promotions, information about new products, etc.), non-commercial messages (e.g. greetings, virus notifications, personal comments, etc.) and commercial information, the distribution of which was paid for by the customers.

IM S.A. sends commercial information concerning its products and services to:

  • Customers who signed IM S.A. contracts for the provision of services and consented to receive commercial information by electronic means
  • Users, who are not current customers of the company but they consented to personal data processing and receiving commercial information by electronic means

How do we protect information?

IM does its best to gather and process information (including personal data provided by the users subscribed to services offered by IM ) in compliance with law, protecting it with all technical and organizational means. All these means should ensure their accountability, integrity and confidentionality of the data.

When processing personal data by IM information systems, IM S. A. implements high levels of security in accordance with paragraph 6 (4) Ordinance of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration of 29 April, 2004 concerning the documentation of data processing and the establishment of basic technical and organisational conditions that should be fulfilled by IT appliances and systems serving the purpose of personal data processing (Journal of Laws 2004, No 100, Item 1024).

Non-confidential personal data

Personal data and telephone and address data of the company provided during offer distribution and announcements, are accessible to all subscribers of services, in which data have to be presented due to the offer-oriented character of the service. There is no possibility of providing security against private persons or companies which may use these data for sending unspecified information. Therefore, these data are not subject to Privacy Policy.


IM S.A. is not liable for:

  • authenticity of information placed by the co-operating entities on the Internet sites of the system,
  • contents of commercial offers and announcements,
  • any actions of third persons depriving users of the access to the system.